Radiohead to Release From The Basement on DVD

Radiohead will release ‘The King Of Limbs:Live From The Basement’ on iTunes on December 19th, followed by a DVD and Blu-Ray Release in January 2012. The performance, originally shown on British television, will be released along with a 32 page book of photographs. The Tracklisting is Below, along with the unreleased song ‘Staircase’ live from the basement:


01 Bloom
02 The Daily Mail
03 Feral
04 Little by Little
05 Codex
06 Separator
07 Lotus Flower
08 Staircase
09 Morning Mr. Magpie
10 Give Up the Ghost
11 Supercollider (bonus track)

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2 thoughts on “Radiohead to Release From The Basement on DVD

  1. […] release  The King of Limbs: Live From the Basement, as we reported before. They have now announced a single to go along with it, featuring two tracks, […]

  2. […] Staircase was left off TKOL but came to everyone’s attention when recorded during the bands ‘Live From The Basement’ performance. Quite different to the mostly electronic record it was left off, […]

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