The Top 20 Tracks Of 2011 Number: 1

Number 1: Bon Iver-Holocene

This was Justin Vernon and Bon Iver’s year. Their self-titled second album finally chopped down the myth of Vernon just being a folk singer living in a cabin, an amazing record full of vast musicianship and Justin’s voice expansive and open. ‘Holocene’, the Grammy nominated track, was the highlight of a remarkable ten tracks, although anyone of them could have been included here. The beautiful acoustic guitar intro and Vernon’s perfect falsetto, the expansive horn section and the warm piano build to a massive crescendo as he sings “and at once I knew, I was not magnificent.” This band are magnificent.

Words By Conor Kelly

Thanks for reading. You can have a look at the other tracks and have your say. Your feedback is welcome. Thanks!

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3 thoughts on “The Top 20 Tracks Of 2011 Number: 1

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