The Top Ten Albums Of 2011: Number 5

Number 5: James Blake-James Blake

When James Blake first started to come to peoples attention in 2009/2010, he was known for his minimalist post-dubstep production and his use of cool samples such as molding the Kelis track ‘Caught Out Here’ and the Aaliyah track ‘Are You That Somebody’ together to create ‘CMYK’.

His self-titled debut album was a complete surprise though. Featuring minimal production and plain piano filled tracks, Blake also sang vocals. ‘Wilhelms Scream’ is a gorgeous, melodic track which blends his electronic and pianist side together perfectly. ‘I Never Learnt To Share’ is a heartbreaking and subtle tune that builds and builds. The standout though is his cover of Feist’s  Limit To Your Love.’ It does what a cover should, take a completely different perception on a song and make it your own. Blake does that, as he does with the whole post-dubstep genre.

Words By Conor Kelly

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2 thoughts on “The Top Ten Albums Of 2011: Number 5

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