The Top Ten Albums Of 2011: Number 3

Number 3: Drake-Take Care

The story is now famous that Drake kept a copy of James Blake’s Self-Titled debut in the studio while he recorded. Minimalism is the key to the beats in most of the tracks and he uses sampling expertly. The likes of The Weeknd(on Crew Love) and Rihanna(on Take Care) are utilized perfectly. The laid back feel to this album is very evident.

Lead single ‘Headlines’ is a brilliant slice of pop. ‘Look What You’ve Done’ is a great reflective song, showing Drizzy looking back on his career so far. Drake raps and sings better than ever on this, with a solid and consistency not seen previously.

‘The Real Her’ featuring Lil Wayne and Andre 3000 is my highlight. Andre’s lines area among the best twelve bars of the year. ‘Lord Knows’ featuring Rick Ross has a groovy beat and a cracking line from Ross. “Only fat Nigga in Sauna with Jews.” Its an outstanding album, His best work so far.

Words By Conor Kelly

Words By Conor Kelly

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