Ones To Watch: REPLETE

After the emergence of MMOTHS in a big way last year, Irish electronic music has never had a higher profile. This guy is certainly heavily involved in that movement. Peter Lawlor AKA REPLETE is one of the freshest producers I’ve come across in a while. He’s originally from Kilkenny, but now based in Cork. His music is lush, expansive and perfectly paced. His tune ‘Closer To’ was the first tune I came across from him. As people who read this blog know, I am a huge fan of electronic music. This is the best piece of Electronic music I’ve listened to this year. He has also produced stellar remixes of Tara Masterson and an ould band from America called The Beach Boys. I am looking forward to more music from this guy. Exciting stuff. Check out his official sites and some music below:

‘Closer To’

‘Don’t Leave’

Beach Boys-‘You Still Believe In Me (REPLETE Remix)’



Breaking Tunes


By Conor Kelly

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3 thoughts on “Ones To Watch: REPLETE

  1. […] that, best news of the day is receiving this. New REPLETE. Absolutely knocks it out’ve the park with this one, ‘Clap Your Hands’ is as […]

  2. […] a golden age for Irish electronic music. We are really producing the artists and the music, from REPLETE, to MMOTHS, to Reid and now this lad. Keep it up […]

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