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Video: Lana Del Rey-‘Blue Jeans’

When I first heard Lana Del Rey‘s music in May last year, I listened to the iconic track ‘Video Games’ and was in awe. But while everyone else was swept along by that track five or six months later, I had discovered ‘Blue Jeans.’ It wasn’t as emotional or massive as ‘Games’, but it was really charming. Now it has a video, which perfectly captures the mood and feel of the track. Superb stuff.

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By Conor Kelly

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Odd Future’s Syd remixes Lana Del Rey

Surprisingly we have gone a few days without someone remixing Lana Del Rey, but of course that has changed. Odd Future’s Sid Tha Kyd has joined the never ending list of remixes. This time it is a remix of Blue Jeans. Listen below:


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Pitchfork Article on Lana Del Rey

Great piece by Pitchfork on Lana Del Rey, an up and coming singer songwriter from New York. I advise people to check her out, an absolutely awesome talent.   8657-lana-del-rey

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