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Bon Iver To Play O2 Dublin In November

Just got the fantastic news that Bon Iver will play the O2 Dublin on Monday the 12th of November. I could not be more happy about this, because I was meant to go to the gig in the Grand Canal Theater  last year, but circumstances got in the way. Delighted about this news though. Tickets are on sale this Friday from Ticketmaster and are 36.50.

By Conor Kelly

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Bon Iver Win Two Grammy Awards

The only thing that happened at the Grammy Awards that I really give a shit about: Bon Iver won two awards at the ceremony in Los Angeles, ‘Best New Artist‘ and Best Alternative Music Album.’ Delighted for Justin V. 

By Conor Kelly

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Watch Bon Iver On S.N.L

Bon Iver performed on Saturday Night Live last weekend. They played Holoceneand ‘Beth/Rest’ from their self-titled album of the year. You can watch below:

By Conor Kelly

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Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon Working With Alicia Keys, New Volcano Choir Album

Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon is working with Alicia Keys on new songs and he is also working on a new Volcano Choir album, according to an interview in USA Today. He is also working on a new project called The Shouting Matches. He describes it as “sort of a blues-gospel band.” Very interesting developments.

By Conor Kelly

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The Top Ten Albums Of 2011: Number 1

Number 1: Bon Iver, Bon Iver

And so here it is, the number one album of 2011. This year there was only one winner. This album was as close to perfection as any got to in 2011. Before this year, Justin Vernon was always known as the guy who recorded an album for months in isolation in a cabin. The result, For Emma, Forever Agowas a folk guitar piece of brilliance. It was fragile, heartfelt and full of heartbreak. This year though, the one man project come band really found their own. The self-titled second album could not be further from the debut.

From the opener Perth until closer ‘Beth/Rest’ is an album of sincere lyrics, majestic imagery,  beautiful harmonies, superb musicianship and a collective quality. You cannot skip a track. It grips you from the start, taking the listener on a journey from one beautiful place to another. If ‘For Emma’ was very personal and inward, ‘Bon Iver’ is most definitely for a large audience and one that puts the listener in a zone. Much has been written about Holocene, the grammy nominated track. It is beautiful and epic. ‘Calgary’ is darker, but equally enthralling.

‘Hinnom, TX’ is a track that reminds me more of a sunrise/sunset more than any other song. Its magical, as is the whole album. ‘Towers’ and ‘Wash.’ are both upbeat and continue the quality. As with Vernon’s good friend Kanye West‘s landmark record ‘My Beautiful, Dark, Twisted Fantasy’ last year, this is the most complete and compelling album released in 2011. It was really Bon Iver’s year.

Words By Conor Kelly

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The Top 20 Tracks Of 2011 Number: 1

Number 1: Bon Iver-Holocene

This was Justin Vernon and Bon Iver’s year. Their self-titled second album finally chopped down the myth of Vernon just being a folk singer living in a cabin, an amazing record full of vast musicianship and Justin’s voice expansive and open. ‘Holocene’, the Grammy nominated track, was the highlight of a remarkable ten tracks, although anyone of them could have been included here. The beautiful acoustic guitar intro and Vernon’s perfect falsetto, the expansive horn section and the warm piano build to a massive crescendo as he sings “and at once I knew, I was not magnificent.” This band are magnificent.

Words By Conor Kelly

Thanks for reading. You can have a look at the other tracks and have your say. Your feedback is welcome. Thanks!

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See Bon Iver, Feist and Mastodon live on Jools Holland

 Later…With Jools Holland had an eclectic line-up last night as usual. Bon Iver played ‘Towers’ off their self-titled latest album. Also playing were Feist and Mastodon. Bon Iver play The Grand Canal Theatre Dublin  tomorrow night. You can see all the performances below:

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