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The xx-‘Chained’


Now this I really like. I wasn’t sure about the first new xx track, but I love the second one released ‘Chained’. It feels like a real progression. Its a similar sound that we’re familiar with, but it is more refined and tight. The vocals are smooth. But of course its Jamie xx’s beats always do it for me. What an incredible talent this guy is.

By Conor Kelly



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New Track: The xx-‘Angels’

The xx are back with a new album, tour and this new track, ‘Angels’. It is the opening song on their second LP ‘Coexist’, out September 10th over here. It is nothing majorly new from them, the same dark and tender sound. But that is not a bad thing, because their sound is just so fantastic. I expect the album to be a lot more groundbreaking.

By Conor Kelly

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Track: The Walkmen-‘We Can’t Be Beat’

Another new track off The Walkmen’s new album ‘Heaven’. ‘We Can’t Be Beat’ is a mostly acoustic track, which simmers along beautifully. As I’ve said already, I am stoked for this record.

By Conor Kelly

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Track: Dive-‘How Long Have You Known?’

I’ve only recently discovered Divea guitar pop band led by Beach Fossils frontman Zachary Cole Smith. This track is from their upcoming debut record Oshin and it is a beaut. Sparse guitars and eclectic vocals. Great work. The track should still be available to download for free below!

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Hear Two New Justice Tracks

 Listen to two new Justice tracks over at onethirtybpm.com. The French bands second album Audio, Video, Disco will be released on Ed Bangor on the 25th of October. Check out the first two singles:



Audio, Video, Disco:




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