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New Animal Collective-‘Today’s Supernatural’



For Animal Collective, they reached a peak with 2009’s Merriweather Post Pavillion.’ The record was astounding, featuring so many different sounds and textures. To follow that was always going to be a great task, considering what a creative success it was. The first two pieces of new music from the lads since then don’t really hint at what the future sounds like, but they are interesting anyway. ‘Honeycomb’ was a fast paced thriller of a single. Latest track ‘Today’s Supernatural’ is so very very catchy. It’s as poppy as you’re likely to hear the lads. Very interesting indeed. Still not sure what I make of it.

By Conor Kelly


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New Animal Collective: ‘Honeycomb’

Yay. Animal Collective are back with a new 7″ single ‘Honeycomb.’ This track is absolutely insane, filled with trashing guitar and drums, plus the catchiest hooks. It is a trademark track, if any Animal Collective track is such.  No news on when their new album is due, but it is scheduled for this year.


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