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New Bloc Party-‘Octopus’

My boys Bloc Party are officially back! The new single ‘Octopus’ is upon us and their new record ‘Four’ is on the horizon. It feels like they’ve never been away. Unbelievable stuff! Can’t wait until the record is out.

By Conor Kelly

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New Animal Collective: ‘Honeycomb’

Yay. Animal Collective are back with a new 7″ single ‘Honeycomb.’ This track is absolutely insane, filled with trashing guitar and drums, plus the catchiest hooks. It is a trademark track, if any Animal Collective track is such.  No news on when their new album is due, but it is scheduled for this year.


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The Cast Of Cheers-‘Animals’/Album Details

Here’s the long awaited new track from one of Dublin’s finest young Indie bands The Cast Of Cheers. ‘Animals’ is off their forthcoming second album ‘Family.’ I really dig this track, just like anything they have released so far. It’s less intense than ‘Family’ , with more melodic playing and vocals. Their passion is phenomenal though, it really is. These guys are one of the most exciting Irish bands around.


1. Family
2. Posé Mit
3. Human Elevator
4. Animals
5. Palace and Run
6. Goose
7. Go Getter
8. Marso Sava
9. Trucks At Night
10. They Call It A Race

By Conor Kelly

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Video: New Hot Chip-‘Flutes’

This is fucking great news. The return of Hot Chip has been a long time coming as far as I’m concerned. They are back with a new record ‘In Our Heads’ (out June 11th), a tour and this new single ‘Flutes.’ Its what you would expect from the lads. The video is a crazy head-spinner in the studio.

By Conor Kelly

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New Beach House-‘Myth’

Delighted that Beach House are back. This new track ‘Myth’ is pretty much what you would expect from them, a relaxing lullaby of a song. ‘Teen Dream’ was one of my favourite records of 2010 and their fourth album ‘Bloom’ is scheduled to be released in May.

By Conor Kelly

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New Arctic Monkeys-‘R U Mine?’

Arctic Monkeys posted a new track online last night. ‘R U Mine?’ is not off their last album ‘Suck It & See’, and was released without any promotion. It is everything you would expect from them and Alex Turner is still pulling off his 60’s quiff in the video.


New Arctic Monkeys-Electricity

Arctic Monkeys-‘R U Mine?’ (Live On Conan)

Arctic Monkeys Remixes Wet Nuns New Single

By Conor Kelly

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Listen To Jack White’s Debut Solo Single; Album Announced

Jack White‘s debut solo album Blunderbuss’ is out April 24th. The anticipation is palpable but for the moment we have the first single, ‘Love Interruption’ and its absolutely brilliant. A bluesy, acoustic blast. Listen below:


By Conor Kelly

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New Single from Kele

Here’s the new single by Bloc Party frontman Kele called ‘What Did I Do?’ featuring Lucy Taylor. It’s from his upcoming EP ‘The Hunter’ and it’s a belter.

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