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Modeselektor-‘Tamer Animals’ (Atoms For Peace Remix)


Modeselktor. Atoms For Peace. Enough said.

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Destiny’s Child-‘Say My Name’-(Cyril Hahn Remix)


This is bloody great. Just great. Cyril Hahn’s remix of the Destiny’s Child smash hit ‘Say My Name’. This shows what a great remix is all about. Putting a different perspective on a well known tune.

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Video: Kanye West-‘Mercy’

I’m a bit late on this, but Kanye released a video for ‘Mercy’the first track released from the G.O.O.D Music album/collaboration. The video is in black and white. There’s also a sick remix going around by RL Grime and Salva. I’ve links to both below.

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New MMOTHS-‘Folding’ & Remix Of Vacationer-‘Trip’

Lovely, just lovely. Jack Collerhan  is back with a new tune and a remix of Vacationer’s track ‘Trip’. The lad who’s given us more spectacular electronic beats over the last year than anyone has produced another stirring piece. ‘Folding’ is a little more atmospheric than his debut EPIt shows how far the youngster has come in the last year. The consistent quality of  his music is something that has not changed. His remix of ‘Trip’ adds a totally different feel to the tune. Check both out below and download ‘Folding’ for freeThis is seriously chill.

By Conor Kelly

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Justice-‘New Lands’ (A-Trak Remix)

Here’s the new Justice single remixed by A-Trak. Anything remixed by Trak is good and this is no difference.

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The Cast Of Cheers Added To Forbidden Fruit Line-Up/New Remix

The Cast Of Cheers have announced new dates to their tour, mostly in the UK, their first gigs in Australia and one in Germany. They’ve also been added to the line for Forbidden Fruit 2012.I am really stoked for the festival now. Great line-up so far.  Sleep Thieves have also done a remix of ‘Animals’ which you can listen and download below.

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Kanye West Remixes Chief Keef

More stuff involving Kanye ahead of G.O.O.D Music the album. Here he remixes the Chief Keef  track ‘I Don’t Like,’ and name drops the shit out of this, including Ric Flair (as a wrestling fan, that is cool). Here it is, via Fakeshoredrive.com

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Track: The Cast Of Cheers-‘Animals'(Trophy Boyfriend Remix)

Was sent this little gem from our friends at The Cast Of CheersTheir latest single ‘Animals’ has been remixed by Trophy Boyfriend. It gives the track a completely feel from the epic Indie track it is. It’s a free download below. Of course the lads release their big record debut on June 18th.

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Ones To Watch: REPLETE

After the emergence of MMOTHS in a big way last year, Irish electronic music has never had a higher profile. This guy is certainly heavily involved in that movement. Peter Lawlor AKA REPLETE is one of the freshest producers I’ve come across in a while. He’s originally from Kilkenny, but now based in Cork. His music is lush, expansive and perfectly paced. His tune ‘Closer To’ was the first tune I came across from him. As people who read this blog know, I am a huge fan of electronic music. This is the best piece of Electronic music I’ve listened to this year. He has also produced stellar remixes of Tara Masterson and an ould band from America called The Beach Boys. I am looking forward to more music from this guy. Exciting stuff. Check out his official sites and some music below:

‘Closer To’

‘Don’t Leave’

Beach Boys-‘You Still Believe In Me (REPLETE Remix)’



Breaking Tunes


By Conor Kelly

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Clams Casino Remixes Florence+The Machine

This surfaced on the net last night. Clams Casino has remixed Florence+The Machine’s single ‘Never Let Me Go’. It’s a trippy and twisted mix of the track, ading new layers and feel to the track. Typical of Clam.

By Conor Kelly

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