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Video: Burial-‘Loner’

I keep harping on about it, but Burial’s new EP ‘Kindred’ is absolutely out of this world. The middle track ‘Loner’ has a video, which you can watch below. It is not known whether it is official or not, but was made by Miguel Bidarra.

Burial – Loner from Miguel Bidarra on Vimeo.

By Conor Kelly

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Listen To The New Burial EP Here

Dubstep pioneer Burial has a new EP titled ‘Kindred’, which is currently streaming on Hyperdub’s website. You can make your own mind up, but I am in awe. Truly astonishing stuff. Listen Here…

By Conor Kelly

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The Top Ten Albums Of 2011: Number 4

Number 4: The Weeknd-House Of Balloons

The Weeknd released three mixtapes in 2011, this was the first and best. Grimey, dark dubstep beats, along with perfect R’N’B vocals created a unique sound. ‘House Of Balloons’ was a landmark record in the restoration of R’N’B music.

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The Top 20 Tracks Of 2011 Number: 8

Number 8: The Weeknd-House Of Balloons/Glass Table Girls

One of the great discoveries of 2011 was the magnificent ‘House Of Balloons’ mixtape by The Weeknd. In the same vein as Frank Ocean’s laid back R’N’B vocals, what separates Abel Tesfaye is the amount of different musical styles he incorporates in his music. From R’N’B vocals, Dubstep beats, Electronic chords and sweeping soul, this track epitomises the mood of the record. With a epic chorus and a killer beat and seriously trippy, sex filled lyrics. It suddenly drops into dirty, grungey dub beats. Awesome track and record.

Words By Conor Kelly

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Burial to Release New EP

Dubstep innovator Burial will release the follow up to this years ‘Street Halo’  with an EP titled ‘Kindred’, which will as usual be released on Hyperdub Watch a video for ‘Street Halo’ below:

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New Single from Kele

Here’s the new single by Bloc Party frontman Kele called ‘What Did I Do?’ featuring Lucy Taylor. It’s from his upcoming EP ‘The Hunter’ and it’s a belter.

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